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Who are we?

Mordecai was established with the vision of transforming the culture and landscape of leadership across organisations. We believe that
leadership IS the solution to every challenge faced by any company, community or country and where the head goes, the body follows.

We design, develop and deliver leadership to solutions, and solutions to leadership in coaching partnership with our clients.

As a team of professionals who believe in the value and potential of each person, we aspire to raise a generation of leaders who will lead with integrity, vision and purpose.

Our clientele ranges from Education, Manufacturing, Insurance and Not-for-profit organisations.

We are also a HRD Corp Registered Training Provider.

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we offer

Our programmes are customisable to best fit our clients’ needs. Contact us for further information.
Coaching in Leadership
This 2-day interactive and hands-on program helps participants adopt a coaching mindset and gives practical tools and coaching models to grow their coaching leadership skills.
Unpacking the Extended DISC® workshop
This 1-day workshop helps participants gain an awareness of their behavioural profile using the widely-acclaimed Extended DISC® assessment which they can leverage on to improve their interpersonal communication skills.
Executive coaching (individual and group coaching)
We provide exclusive one-on-one goal-oriented coaching sessions for executives. Research has shown that coaching is the quickest and most effective method of people development from a professional and personal perspective.
Mordecai Retreats©
Mordecai Retreats© brings small teams away for an overnight retreat, providing the platform for teams to gel, bond and build better relationships over food and fun activities. These retreats also provide the opportunity for teams to be inspired again and have in-depth discussions facilitated by our trainers to come up with solutions and agree on the way forward for the team.
Leadership Essentials (for first-time managers)
Leadership Essentials is a toolbox course which outlines key concepts to give participants a deeper understanding of leadership and handles to develop key leadership skills for building strong teams through understanding their roles, building strong interpersonal relationship with others and effectively managing key tasks to achieve organisational goals. This 1-day course is targeted for first-time managers.